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At Cheryl Garrett Photography we offer exciting location portraiture for real families. Not a hurried session in a studio. A fun, involving time, planned around your life, and captured forever in a set of superb and vital images. We strive to allow the client to experience a unique and fun session while capturing the individual's personality in a more relaxed environment. Something as simple as strolling through a garden or park can capture colorful backgrounds, a playful and natural personality which can sometimes be hard to reproduce in a studio setting. We offer on-location portrait sessions which usually takes about an hour, although longer sessions can be arranged if desired. Location can be chosen by you or suggested by us. A few of the locations we frequent which are local to Greenwood, South Carolina include the Park Seed flower
trial gardens, area city parks, Cokesbury College, client's home or work setting. Children love this comfortable style of photography and wedding parties enjoy the journalistic view of the day. Your kids... your partner...your favorite place. Brides have a choice of traditional wedding photos or a photojournalistic view of their day. Wedding photojournalists might contend that the traditional photo wouldn't seem so out of style when reviewing pictures years later (hideous wedding gowns and bad male perms aside) if more emphasis had been placed on the un-styled, un-planned moments of the wedding day, rather than the prescribed agenda of highly organized groups of people staring at the camera. Clients will be shown their images in a private online gallery that they can either accessed on their computer or ours. All images can be purchased online for up to two months after posting. Please email us for more detail and session bookings.